The Vision of 12

The model of ministry based on 12, is the most effective means of obeying the great commission of Jesus Christ to win disciples and of growing the Church. The key to success in this model is found in leading groups of 12. Jesus taught us this lesson through His own example. He did not deal with people based on their obvious abilities, but according to the potential, He knew they had within.


Jesus could have poured His life into the multitudes, but He did not; instead, He chose 12 and worked to shape their characters. Each of the 12 had completely contrasting personalities and for three years, like the potter with the clay, Jesus molded each one of them.


The model of 12 has always been in God's heart. The number 12 symbolizes government.

  • At creation God established 12 months to govern each year
  • Days are governed by periods of 12 hours each
  • To govern the people of Israel God established 12 tribes
  • King Solomon appointed 12 governors
  • Joshua chooses 12 men to cross the Jordan to possess the land - Joshua 4:2
  • David has 12 warriors that helped him conquer great battles - 2 Samuel 2:15
  • Solomon has 12 officers in his court who helped him rule - 1 Kings 4:7
  • Elijah builds an altar with 12 stones to worship God - 1 Kings 18:31
  • Ezra separates the priests in groups of 12 - Ezra 8:24
  • Paul lays his hands on 12 disciples (his Timothy's) - Acts 19:7


Jesus invested His effort in just 12 people. He trained 12 people reproducing in them His own character. Each of them did the same with another 12, which continues the process, with every group of 12 transferring what they received, leading to unprecedented growth in the church. The 12 that Jesus formed learned to walk in supernatural power because they had to display Christ's character in their own lives. The religious leaders that opposed Christianity were astonished at the boldness of uneducated John and Peter. However, they recognized that they had been with Jesus.


The model of 12 is something supernatural that the Lord Jesus implemented. He intended that His ministry should grow and move forward in this direction. The model came from the heart of the Father to the heart of Jesus.

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